This morning was the last chance for you to throw some shade in our Gossip Box!

AlmaMUN staff was amazed by your enthusiasm, ‘cause MUNs are not complete without some gossiping…

Let’s start with ICJ:

“I Like my pizza as I like my Ukraine: with Crimea in it”


“ICJ is a big, beautiful family: we all share the same IQ!”


“Today we are all SJAMMED! (“smarmellati” in Italian)!“


“ICJ is the most (D)efficient group of #AlmaMUN2016”

Then let’s proceed with UNSC, whose delegates kept their energy and passion until the very last day:

“Japan, Vietnam, New Zealand, Malaysia, Egypt and Spain sexiest delegates EVER”


“The UNSC sends its greetings to the AlmaMUN’s Angela Merkel… hello Philipp! We love you :)”


“Simon Yantani: you are so nice! Love you <3”

And then we can conclude with ECOSOC, which was unanimously elected by the AlmaMUN staff as the most lively and crazy committee of the conference. Kudos to you, weirdos!

“Why is Morocco presamale-ing in every situation?”


“Moldova is really well dressed! But what about taking those dress off?”


“USA: come on, talk to Italian girls!”


“Why is South Africa wearing an omelette as a tie?”


“India is beautiful!”


“France and USA have a relationship… believe me!”


“Somalia would like to know who loves her” […Somalia, we love you!]

Finally, some little comments directed to our staff:

“Arianna of the AlmaMUN Society, you’re hot AF!”


“Gennaro Mansi looks like a Scandinavian Airlines flight attendant or an actor of a mobile phone company’s advertising campaign”