AlmaMUN2016 delegates and Secretariat are definitely the most gossiping MUNers around. We love it!

ECOSOC would be a great source for worldwide tabloids…
there’s love blossoming (hopefully reciprocated) AKA fourth episode of the developing love story

“Last night we didn’t have what we expected to see: ECOSOC’s chair and Finland, sitting on a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G”


there are different kinds of love…

“The Representative of Rwanda is like a mountain: she needs to be explored deeply”

“Rumor has it that DRC in ECOSOC and the Chair of ICJ would make a good couple. Exotic heat, anyone? Give her a taste of açaí already!”

There is someone who wouldn’t see someone else during session…

“Is it possible to poison the USA delegate and to put on his seat a piece of paper with his face printed on it?”

…and someone we won’t see anymore! – It’s has been amazing to have you, Mariangela!

“I will not meet with you tomorrow, that is why I’d like to thank all of you for the beautiful experience! I love MUN! – Australia, ECOSOC”

In the meanwhile, atmosphere in UNSC is getting quite hot

“They say Brunei is the Abode of Peace, but I think he’d love to make war with the SC Chair under the sheets tonight 😉 “

When ICJ always offers us interesting analyses

“LUCAS you are so cute! ❤ Russia”

“ICJ’s France change of tactic: last night she offered him kisses and today she’s offering him Oreos. Keep you posted.”

The heads of the Secretariat are no less so

“Secretary General, Giuseppina De Marco, also known as Giusy, give me a taste of your lips because they look delicious and JUICY 😉 <3”

USG Roberta, seems like you are stealing a few hearts around ECOSOC. Maybe you should pay us another visit?

…Thanks delegates for keeping us always in your thoughts – EXCOM

“We want to know who is the mysterious guest who was with Luca (photographer) <3”

“Please Accademia della Crusca (Italian Language National Academy – editor’s note) find a new word to define how beautiful Katarina is.”

“Dulcis in fundo”, then, we wish you all a wonderful night with the sweetness of the following.

“About Gala Night… it ‘wasn’t’ a kiss, but Saturday it can be”