Gala Night was a perfect chance to gossip!

ECOSOC Finland’s success (and not just hers) is turning in new developments…

“Finland and Fernando are gonna work very well together!”

“Somalia I love you – Anonymous”

on any ground the Chairs are appreciated, though

“Chairs of ECOSOC we love you ❤ “

and over delegates, some sharp comment are hiding other intents

“Why is the United States ECOSOC dressed like a waiter? ‘A Martini Dry, please!!!'”

“One of the delegate at the gala was dressed as a tree. Why?”

When it comes to UNSC, both male and female delegates are achieving resounding success

“Spain of UNSC: you look amazing!”

“UNSC: such a beautiful bottom [real word censored], UK!”

While ICJ judges are always very active in gossiping

“ICJ – Ukraine, I really like your style … you’re my idol! Love <3”

“One of the ICJ chairs is said to be a Russian spy…”

What it counts is the whole group, besides committees: do not be shy guys, MUNs are once-in-life- experience!

“Find me at the Gala Night, girls! xoxoxox”

“DJs got so much swag!”

And finally, EXCOM rules gossiping matters

“#AlmaMUN(CH) – Munch’s scream” *see below

“I know she is out of my league, but I just want to tell Katarina you’re simply stunning. You leave me speechless”