As we believe that knowledge is vast and the fields of actions are many, we try to engage our community in many different projects.
On the one hand, we provide our members and fellow university students with conferences and training on a variety of topics: from environmental issues to public image strategies for NGOs. Such events are meant to make up for the deficiencies of the educational system on pivotal topics of international politics and law.
On the other hand, we also work to engage as many students as possible in the world of Model United Nations and Model European Union conferences. That is the reason which prompts us to organize numerous delegations to MUNs taking place in Italy or in Europe.
Not only we lead various Alma Delegations throughout the continent, but also we make sure that our Delegates have the best preparation possible by offering them training sessions before their participation. MUNs are a valuable moment of learning, notably when approached with the right tools.
Last but not least, we have initiated Bologna and the prestigious Alma Mater Studiorum to the world of Model United Nations – that is why in October 2016 Bologna hosted the first MUN ever to be held in the city: AlmaMUN powered by UNLAB (with the contribution and patronage of the University of Bologna).



List of past projects:
– MUN training & delegation to UNISAMUN 2014 (Salerno, Italy)
– Infoaperitivos & peer2peer seminars on topics of international diplomacy and law
– MUN training & delegation to BIMUN 2015 (Belgrade, Serbia)
– MUN training & delegation to MILMUN 2015 (Milan, Italy)
– MUN training & delegation to the FAO Model Conference (Rome, Italy)
– Delegation to the National Negotiation Competition 2015 (Bologna, Italy)
– MootMUN on the issue of international transgender rights
– Training course on how to build an international career
– Infoaperitivos & peer2peer seminars on topics of international diplomacy and law
– MUN training & delegation to MILMUN 2016 (Milan, Italy)
– MootMUN on Terrorism & Human Rights
– MootMUN on International aid and the African continent
– Conference in support of “Anche le immagini uccidono”, call for a more ethical use of media by Italian and international IOs and NGOs
AlmaMUN 2016 (Bologna, Italy)
– MootMUN on The issue of Asylum seekers in Australia