As young citizens of the world, we envision a world of freedom and tolerance, international cooperation and peace. As engaged students, we believe that the knowledge and understanding of international institutions and bodies, the rules of international diplomacy and negotiation and the principles of international law and politics are essential to become aware citizens and true change bringers.
While the 21st century has duly revealed its hardships and contradictions, while political certainties are being lost and inequality, injustice and discordance are rising throughout the globe, we stand strongly as a young community striving for a better future. We believe that change and innovation must be brought in the international arena, and in particular in the hoary tools that the international community provided itself with. We also think that such change can happen not only from outside, but also within the already existing institutions of international diplomacy, and that is why a deep understanding of such instruments is crucial.
Therefore, we endeavor daily in providing with our fellow students with extra-curricular formation activities, with a special consideration for major events, developments and concepts of the world. We also work to give to our fellow students the possibility of having a first hand experience of the world of international diplomacy through Model United Nations and Model European Union. By participating in such events, they are able to experience the deadlocks of negotiation and compromise and the practical difficulties of applying international law and principles. That being said, they can also understand the richness of cultural differences, engage in the effort of reaching the common good and build a new sense of global citizenship.
We believe change starts from us, spreads to our local community and, as a wind of innovation, reaches the global community as a whole. We hold ourselves accountable for creating a different, better future, for all of us.
The question is not “can you?”. The question is “will you, too?”