AlmaMUN 2016 Secretary-General

Giuseppina De Marco

G.De Marco photoGiuseppina De Marco is a 22 year old law student at the Alma Mater Studiorum – University of Bologna, her areas of interest being international, comparative and humanitarian law.

During the first semester of the ongoing academic year, she was an Erasmus+ exchange student at the Catholic University of Leuven, where she attended master courses in international law and conflict management.

A veteran of AlmaMUN Society, it was indeed Giuseppina’s idea to found the organization back in December 2014, serving as its President until April 2016.

Her early approaches to the world of MUNs took place during high school, and her first experiences had such a positive impact on her that she kept attending conferences in Italy and abroad. Her recent activities brought her to Paris to the 9th UNESCO Youth Forum – in order to discuss the importance of youth for sustainable development and climate change – and to New York City – as part of the Secretariat for The Global Classrooms MUN.

Above all, she is excited to serve as Secretary General for the first edition of AlmaMUN powered by UNLAB, and she is determinate to make it an “intense, formative, fun and unforgettable experience”.

AlmaMUN 2016 Under Secretary-General

Roberta Sgariglia

fotoRobertaRoberta Sgariglia is a 20 year old Economics and Finance student at Bocconi University and is extremely honored and thrilled to serve as Under Secretary General of this year’s first edition of AlmaMUN powered by UNLAB.

In her own words a “true Alma-fan”, Roberta has attended countless conferences in both Europe and the United States since her high school years, covering a wide array of roles. Recent endeavors include chairing positions at Bonn International Model United Nations (BIMUN), Harvard WorldMUN, as well as an active involvement in planning and carrying out the activities of the Bocconi Students MILMUN Society as Vice-President.

Prominent features include an incurable MUN addiction, love of adventure and challenges, and commitment to make this first edition of AlmaMUN the best you can imagine.

UNSC Chairpersons

Philipp Zieten

PhilippPhilipp was born and raised in Oldenburg, Lower Saxony, but in 2013 he decided to move to Berlin in order to study economic education and history at the Humboldt University. There he joined the BerlInMUN organization team and since 2014 he has chaired the BerlInMUN Society.

In his spare time, Philipp serves as a volunteer in a refugee centre in his neighborhood, teaching German to refugees and helping children with their home work. He also works for Studienkreis, a company with the purpose of helping students improve their grades.

He has been an MUN enthusiast since 2012, and AlmaMUN 2016 – whose participants he is really looking forward to meeting – will be his 16th MUN conference.

Simón Yantani

Photo SimonSimón is a 22 year old senior in the College of Social Sciences of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, majoring in International Relations and minoring in Applied Political Theory on international issues. His main areas of interest are international security, global ethics, intelligence and conflict analysis.

He is a contributor to the Laboratorio de Diplomacia organization – whose Ethics Committee he is part of -, an NGO founded by political science students at his university which aims to bring International Politics closer to their community and youth.

His exchange program at the University of Glasgow has provided him with plenty of opportunities to satisfy his thirst for MUNs, while previously he participated as a delegate in UPMUN in Lima, Peru in 2015. He is also participating in the organization of the first MUN in Chile – CLMUN – which is scheduled to happen in early December this year.

ICJ Chairpersons

Alberto Pellicanò

Alberto PellicanoAlberto is a 22 year old student in his 5th year of the Combined Bachelor and Master of Science in Law at Bocconi University in Milan, Italy.
Specializing in Public International Law, he decided to focus his academic carrier in human rights and international litigation issues.

He spent 6 months in Washington D.C. for an Exchange Program and joined several MUN conferences all around Europe, participating as a judge of the ICJ in Milan and in London and cooperating to the organization of MILMUN 2016 as fundraising manager.

Thanks to MUNs, he had the chance to put into effect his international law skills and, last but not least, to create a group of amazing and enthusiastic friends (and he cannot wait to join this new fantastic experience in Bologna!).

Bernardo Nicolau

photofinal1Bernardo is a 19 year old Brazilian student of Law and International Relations, with as many as 15 experiences as a delegate and 5 as chair and, above all, as a MUN passionate about MUNs!

He currently works as a teacher of oratory and debate and as a speaker on the topic of youth empowerment, asides from being in the process of starting an NGO focused on nontraditional and inclusive forms of education. His excitement led him, in 2014, to Japan, where he represented all students from Brazil and all students in the world in UNESCO`s conferences on ESD.

His goal now is to help AlmaMUN be an amazing, fun and remarkable experience along with all the other members of the secretariat!

ECOSOC Chairpersons

Matilde De Bivar Cruz

Matilde BCMatilde is a 20 year old Portuguese undergraduate student currently enrolled in the 3rd year of the Bachelor of International Economics and Finance at Bocconi University.

Aspiring to a career in diplomacy or working with international organisations, she sees her participation in the MUN world not only as an opportunity to gain skills that will help her in her future but also as a way to get in touch with other cultures and points of view.

Her most rewarding MUN experience was being Under Secretary-General for MILMUN 2016 and she is incredibly excited to be a part of an amazing first edition of AlmaMUN as chair of ECOSOC.

Fernando Gutiérrez Ladrón de Guevara

FernandoFernando is a 20 year old, 4th-year student of Business and International Relations at the Universidad Antonio de Nebrija of Madrid.
He spent this past year studying abroad in San Diego, California, and from July to September he was an intern at the Spanish Embassy in Malta.

His previous MUN experience includes conferences in Barcelona, Madrid, Belgrade and Santa Barbara, while this is his very first official MUN as a chair, which is the reason behind his excitement to be part of the first AlmaMUN and make the most out of this year’s Economic and Social Committee.

Helping others, creating a good environment and aiming for the best are three of the things that motivate him, and he hopes that he can bring this to ECOSOC and make it as unforgettable an experience for you as it will be for him.